Documentary on Animation and Merchandising

BBC Documentary on Animation and Merchandising
A very good documentary you should look at to understand the concept of Licensing and Merchandising


Price Guide for Animated Series

In order to start off the group, I am going to share the Price Guide for Animated Series today. (This is not the latest but it gives you an idea of the market place) For those who has attended our lecture, we have shared more insights of the major change of the industry.

Beginning of next year, we will be starting a new course to help more independent producers. From there, we will share more insights and breakdown of the numbers. We are now waiting for approval for the subsidy for you. (Singaporeans and PR) So that the course is more affordable.

Hope you find the numbers useful.

The numbers below are the cost per episode (22mins) for various countries.

Introduction to the Blog

The purpose of this blog is to archive some valuable postings in the facebook group. (Entrepreneurship in Animation)

Not all postings and discussions are shared in this blog. For most updated postings, please join the group.

Entrepreneurship in Animation

(This group is setup to share animation business news and knowledge in animation entrepreneurship in hope to help more independent producers to setup their own company. If you would like to join this close group, please drop a mail to to introduce yourself. We are avoiding non related posting.)