Changing Times

Chinese company has become the second largest cinema operator in North America. Changing times.


Protecting Your Content

The first thing you need to protect is your concept (bible) and scripts if any. Then designs. Protect it with the copyright office in US ( and the WGA ( This is done before production starts. And you should protect your work progressively as you go.

As you can see, most of the protection is done in the US as it is our major market. There is no way I can afford to protect it worldwide until a major player or distributor take over. Its very expensive.

And also protection is for countries that respect the law. For country that doesn’t, its just waste of time and money. (You know what I mean. ha ha)

Once your IP reach a certain stage, then you will need to seek lawyer for advise to trade mark it. Again. Its expensive to do it for all countries. Only for selective countries which is your major market.

Its hard to have 100% protection. The more exposure it gets (meaning more people know that you are the creator) the better the protection.

Hope it helps.

37 Entertainment to Oriental Dreamworks

This is the China Studio which I mentioned during my talk. The founder was previously working at Lucasfilm Singapore. After he left Lucasfilm Singapore, he went back to Shanghai to setup his own company. When I first met him in Cannes, he only has 4 employees. Now his company has been acquired by Dreamworks and it has become part of Oriental Dreamworks.

Hope his story inspire and motivates you.


On February 17, 2012, DreamWorks Animation announced a joint venture with China Media Capital, Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Alliance Investment to build a Shanghai based family entertainment company named Shanghai Oriental DreamWorks Film & Television Technology Co., Ltd. or Oriental DreamWorks for short. The new venture is expected to develop and produce original Chinese animated and live action content for distribution within China and worldwide. The company will also produce live entertainment content, theme parks, games and consumer products. Oriental DreamWorks, owned 45% by DWA and 55% by the Chinese partners, launched on August 6, 2012, with the cash and intellectual capital worth of $350 million. To produce animated films, 37 Entertainment, a Chinese animation studio with 175 employees, which had already worked on some of DWA’s television productions, has been acquired

Experience is one’s greatest asset

” Experience is one’s greatest asset.
And it is what one should be hungry for.
So sometimes you might fail. But sometimes you might succeed.
But one should be willing to try.

If one succeed. It is an experience. If one fails. It is also an experience.
Entrepreneurship is all about experience.

In our life, one shouldn’t regret for what you have done. But rather regret what you have not done when you are old.

From the day you become an entrepreneur, you must realise the road ahead is rough. And the experience through this rough journey will be your greatest asset in your life.”

Ma Yun – Chairman and CEO, Alibaba Group

Amazon Studios

In the past, most people here are solely dependent on govt grants to finance an animation concept. Nowadays, there are so many possibilities. The objective of this group is to introduce to you this whole new world of new opportunities. In fact, this is the best time for indie producer.

I am sure everyone knows who Amazon is. Now Amazon has their own channels and developments studio. As you can see, the formula is straight forward. Content is distributed via multiple channels. The bottomline is merchandising. Its merchandise that makes money. Since Amazon already has its own distribution channel. It makes sense for them to go into content business.

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Understanding what the investor wants is crucial

Yesterday I was discussing with one of the member of this group about his business plan. Something I shared with him which I hope will be useful to you.

From artist to an entrepreneur, there is always a transition of mindset. It takes time for adjustment. Very often, when a project is initiated (could be a game, comic etc) there is always a lack of justification. Unless you are not looking for investment. If you were to talk to money people, you need to speak a different language. You cannot work on something just out of pure passion. Whenever I ask an artist why do you want to do this? The answer I get is “I just want to create a comic or game etc”

Understanding what the investor wants is crucial. So here are some tips.

1) What is so special about your project that is so different from others?

2) What is stopping others from copying your effort? Is it something that others cannot do easily? (No assumption)

3) Is your business model a sustainable one? How long does it last you for? (No assumption)

If you do not have good answers for the above. My advise is to spend sometime to start thinking. Learning how to analyse and strategize plays a very important part in your entire career.

Hope it helps.