Understanding what the investor wants is crucial

Yesterday I was discussing with one of the member of this group about his business plan. Something I shared with him which I hope will be useful to you.

From artist to an entrepreneur, there is always a transition of mindset. It takes time for adjustment. Very often, when a project is initiated (could be a game, comic etc) there is always a lack of justification. Unless you are not looking for investment. If you were to talk to money people, you need to speak a different language. You cannot work on something just out of pure passion. Whenever I ask an artist why do you want to do this? The answer I get is “I just want to create a comic or game etc”

Understanding what the investor wants is crucial. So here are some tips.

1) What is so special about your project that is so different from others?

2) What is stopping others from copying your effort? Is it something that others cannot do easily? (No assumption)

3) Is your business model a sustainable one? How long does it last you for? (No assumption)

If you do not have good answers for the above. My advise is to spend sometime to start thinking. Learning how to analyse and strategize plays a very important part in your entire career.

Hope it helps.

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