Amazon Studios

In the past, most people here are solely dependent on govt grants to finance an animation concept. Nowadays, there are so many possibilities. The objective of this group is to introduce to you this whole new world of new opportunities. In fact, this is the best time for indie producer.

I am sure everyone knows who Amazon is. Now Amazon has their own channels and developments studio. As you can see, the formula is straight forward. Content is distributed via multiple channels. The bottomline is merchandising. Its merchandise that makes money. Since Amazon already has its own distribution channel. It makes sense for them to go into content business.

Submit a Script or Video

We’re looking for movie and series ideas to turn into great entertainment. Creators of projects added to our Development Slate get $10,000 to start. Submit your finished script, mini-bible, or concept video.

Submit a movie script or concept video
Submit a comedy series idea
Submit a children’s series idea

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