VHX – New Trends

New Trends
You will see more and more such platform coming up. It is like your own online streaming channel. Almost like your own VOD (video on demand) platform. Others will watch and pay online for your programs. Hence indie producers are not longer facing blockage from big boys (Gatekeepers)

I will introduce new trends from time to time to keep you updated. Hope it helps.



CTN and Comic Con

Your fans is your greatest assets. The more fans you have, the bigger bargaining power you have with investors or licensing agent. One way of getting yourself known (besides the major trade events) is comic con and also CTN. I hope to find time to go there next year. So many people are talking about it. Something you can try out too. CTN seems to be getting more and more important. Comic Con is definitely an amazing place to go. I was there during the Ben 10 launch that we have worked on. Its absolutely awesome.


Social Media Platforms in China

Social Media plays a very important part to what we do. Its crucial in terms of publicity and engaging the audience. In China, unfortunately many of the US platform has been blocked. Including Facebook, Youtube and many. After our last trip to China, we have decided to explore how to setup new social media platform to extend our outreach to China. And it comes in useful if we want to show anything to our China partners. Currently we are in talks to partners in China to help us further expand the brand within.

Its something you might want to look at as well.

Some platform we have started building.