The China Box Office is slowly taking over the world.

In the past, Japan used to be the top box office in Asia. Most Hollywood Films can never miss the Japanese Market.

Within the last few years, China has taken over. And Japan market has fall behind due to its economical downturn.

2009 – The highest box office in
China is USD$68M / Japan is USD$171M

2013 – The highest box office in
China is USD$196M / Japan is USD$119M

2014 onwards China went above USD$300M
China is USD$320M   / Japan is USD$249M

2015 – Fast and Furious has reached China box office at USD$389,260,000

This number is already very close to the US domestic market. Soon it will probably go beyond it. I won’t be surprised that one day, the table will turn around. China will take over the US position and the world will be creating content for China.

(Some latest articles on China’s Growing Box Office)

China Box Office Grows Astonishing 48.7 Percent in 2015, Hits $6.78 Billion


Chinese fantasy-action movie ‘Monster Hunt’ grossed a record $390 million in 2015


How China’s Censors Influence Hollywood

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall. Chinese censors cut a scene from the movie that they thought made China look weak. Because China is such a huge market, some U.S. moviemakers may choose to avoid portraying China in negative terms. Danjaq/Eon Productions/The Kobal Collection


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