Having a good team is more important than having lots of money

Something comes to my mind while talking to an ex colleague. Having a good team is more important than having lots of money. With a good team, you will have a good plan to work towards your dream. With this, the money will come. Don’t worry if you do not have the money but worry that you do not have a good team.


TV Media Platforms for Animation Productions in China

Scale of children’s TV media

In 2010, there were 272 TV stations in China, which covered 97.23% population. Of which:

In China, there were five professional children’s cartoon channels, i.e. Hunan Aniworld TV, CCTV-Children, Oriental Toonmax TV, Guangdong Jiajia Cartoon TV, and Beijing KAKU. Professional broadcasting channels together with professional thoughts about program editing and broadcasting have driven China’s animation industry to a road of mature industrialization.

Aniworld 金鹰卡通卫视 Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS)
Kaku 卡酷动画卫视 Beijing Television (BTV)
Toonmax 炫动卡通卫视 Shanghai Media Group (SMG)
Jiajia 嘉佳卡通卫视 Guangdong Radio and Television (GRT)
Youman 优漫卡通卫视 Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC)

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