Launching a PR Campaign for your company

Launching a PR campaign is very important for the overall reputation of the company. (No matter how small your company is.) Hence building relations with the press network is crucial. It doesn’t mean that once you send a press release to the press, it will get publish. A lot still depends on your relationship with them. If a company has built a good reputation, i) it helps you to get service work ii) broadcaster’s will pay attention to your series iii) it helps you in terms of recruiting good people for your company. Targeting the right press is important. For the animation industry, you need to reach out to the right audience. Below is a list of publications you should reach out to. They are the ones that has the most outreach to most executives in the industry. Kidscreen and Animation Magazine have a huge daily outreach. 1) Kidscreen 2) Animation Magazine 3) AWN 4) TBIVision 5) C21Media 6) WorldScreen 7) Variety 8) Hollywood Reporter 9) Toonbarn These are not so easy to reach out. But worth the try. 9) New York Times 10) LA Times 11)) Wall Street Journal 12) BBC You should make good use of the social media which includes professional facebook groups, linkedin groups etc.


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