Think Global. Not Local.

Producing an animated TV series can be a costly and high risk process. Never rush into producing a series and ended up having difficulty to find a buyer later.

Making an IP successful does not mean that you must produce a TV series first. The media platform is changing very fast. Over the years, it has opened up many new ways to engage the audience. An IP is just the source. It can spin-off into many platforms (TV Series, Feature Film, Games, Books, Comics etc) to engage the audience. TV Series is not the only way.

In some countries, the domestic market is small, weak and pays little. Some companies jump into production and rush to finish it in low quality. Thinking to reduce cost in this way so that the local broadcast license fee can cover their cost. Hoping that one day, when the company becomes bigger. It can produce TV series of higher quality eventually. The danger is the reputation of the company maybe tarnished by then. And the company might never reach that stage as it gets stuck in its own domestic market forever. And the fee paid by your local broadcaster might not even cover your production cost at the end. Do the maths carefully first. (Price Guide)

In my experience, I say “Think Global. Not local.”

If you want to start with a series. Start by creating a good concept. Don’t worry about the money first. When I said good concept, I mean

i) a concept with an appealing and engaging idea to capture the audience.
ii) a concept with good designs, good merchandising and business opportunity.

Seek distributors’ or if possible broadcasters’ feedback first. Or you can test the audience reactions on social media platform. Producing a TV Series is a very expensive process. Do it step by step. (How do you manage your risk during the process of developing an animated TV series?) Do it with care. If you have a good response from the social media platform, you can use the result to raise money from your government, investors or distributors. Your fans are your greatest assets. Or if the distributors or broadcasters like your concept, request for a letter of intent. This will help you look for finance to produce a teaser or a pilot episode.

Remember this – “Think Global. Not local.”


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