Keep trying. Keep believing.

A technopreneur who has attended my recent IP talk came to see me the other day. I have promised to catch up with him when he was at my talk. That day was a super busy one. One meeting almost every hour. Unfortunately, I was also hit by food poisoning that day. I was feeling unwell to focus. Meeting started to overrun. As a result, I have to assign my assistant to met up with him on my behalf.

I felt really bad for not being able to meet him in person. I can imagine how disappointed he was. When I first started out, I met many top-level people in the industry. At the event, they always look very enthusiastic and excited to work with you. But when you write to them or call them. You never hear from them again. It feels really lousy. Especially for someone who has just started out. No way am I going to make him feel that way.

The week after, very quickly I arranged a new meeting to see this technopreneur. At the meeting, he demonstrated to me this cool technology he was developing. I saw so much in him. Not just the technology but the spirit and passion in his work. Since then, I have been thinking of how to help him grow his business and reach out to his dream. He is amazed how fast I am responding to him. (This is what I learnt from the Koreans. “Shoot first then aim later.” ha ha.)

This technopreneur is a one man company working from home since 2013. He has little monthly income ($300 a month) but has never given up.  I have decided to provide him an office space and work out a plan to assist him in creating a demo. I am also finding ways to sustain his monthly income. Together I believe we can create something amazing to surprise the world in coming months. I am glad that he feel encouraged. And this makes me very happy and I feel all energized. I am no Steve Jobs. But I will do what I can. I just hope this little contribution can make the difference.

Our industry need more entrepreneurs like him. Only then we can bring our industry to the next 10 years. As long as you have the talent, you have no fear. Keep trying. Keep believing.


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