Disney from the East is coming !

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As China’s economy is getting stronger and stronger, we begin to see Chinese company moving from servicing work to building its own IP. Imagine companies are able to acquire IP and produce its own animation. In order to make the characters popular, the company has the capacity to buy kids TV channel and promote its characters through the channel. Once the character become popular, the company is able to manufacture and distribute its own toys. Then build its own theme restaurants and theme parks. So that it can sell its toys through these platforms 24/7. All these are now becoming a reality in China.

Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co could just be the next Disney from the East. The company runs its own Toy Company – Auldey Toy. It promotes the sales of its toys through originally-produced animations. The acquisition of JiajiaKT Cartoon Channel in 2010 allows it to operate an animation channel in China.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf  is like the Mickey Mouse of China. It has made so much money from its animated TV series and feature year after year. And now the brand is under Alpha.

Alpha has also acquired South Korean IP Bernard, (known as Backkom in South Korea).

Besides Bernard, Alpha is the master toy partner for the South Korea’s preschool Super Wings!

The company has also launched its company Auldey Toys in North America (a subsidiary of Alpha Animation and Culture). It will launch the initial US toy program with Toys ‘R’ Us this October, before a national retail rollout next spring.

Alpha has acquired 100% of U17.com, China’s leading platform for original comics and animations. The merger, valued at US$143 million, is being called the largest acquisition deal in Chinese animation history.

On top of that, Alpha Animation and Hasbro has announced a strategic co-development partnership for China and Major Markets. Under this Letter of Intent, Hasbro and Alpha Animation intend to form a Chinese joint venture company for the co-development of toys and games.

If still you are not impressed, how about this. Investment in Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group , Investment in Oscar Winning Film: Revenant – where Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar for Best Actor, Investment in Assassin’s Creed Movie and also Investment in Deepoon VR – China’s leading Virtual Reality (VR) headset maker.

So you see, its time to really get to know the Chinese Players. The table is turning around.

Read more about them here:


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