RESILIENCE – Never give up.

The other day, I was talking to a friend who is working in the overseas media industry. He felt very lost and needed some advise.

This friend of mine is very talented but has lost all hopes after numerous failure. He told me that he wouldn’t dare to try anymore as he is worried that he will fail again.

Something I shared with him based on my own experience which I hope it will help you too.

The day you fail is the day you give up. If you never give up, you will never fail. So whether you fail or succeed, it’s really your call. This is true to friendship, marriage and also ventures.

One problem he has is that he kept changing his target. Whenever he faces the slightest failure, he gave up. Then he try something else. Hence he never reach any of his target years after years.

Before you set a goal, don’t jump straight to conclusion that it is easy. Evaluate the challenges first, set milestones, strategize and keep moving towards it. If you fail, reflect what has gone wrong. Then try again. Do this every time you fail. You will eventually get there.

Whenever you are on your journey, do not get distracted or be tempted by other opportunities. (Which later make you switch your target.)  Be focus. Remember this. If the person who come to you with a new proposal, saying it is easy to achieve. Ask yourself this question. If it is so easy, why doesn’t he do it himself but comes to you.

Entrepreneurship has got a lot to do with RESILIENCE. Whether you will be successful has got a lot to do with how hard you try to hold the line.

Hope it helps you.

Quite a touching testimonial of a Young Chinese Entrepreneur. (Sorry. Only in Chinese)

” The success and achievement is not what an entrepreneur should be proud of. But rather the determination and the spirit to stand by your dream. And what you believe in.”


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