Changing Trends

(View Master from Past to Present – Changing the way we see the world in 3d. With the latest introduction of AR and VR technology. View Master is not going to be the same.)

There was a time when Saturday morning show was really popular among the kids. When the 24 hrs kids cable channel came along, this new business model totally kills the Saturday morning show. The 24/7 kids cable channel promotes its series by airing it all day.  And eventually making money from selling its merchandise.

With the introduction of OTT (Over The Top – like Netflix and Hulu), it seems that the industry is going through another round of change (Just like the time when Cables kill Saturday Morning Show). Cables and IPTV that are unable to transmit their content to the mobile devices like tablets and smart phone are facing real challenges ahead.

As the mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are getting more and more sophisticated, the audience is now slowly moving away from traditional TV. This affects both the advertising dollar as well as the TV licensing fee.

OTT seems to catch some of these Cable Channel Companies by surprise. It must be a difficult decision for these Cable Channel Companies to decide whether they should set up their own OTT facilities. If they do, it will kill their Cable Channel. If they don’t, they will lose out to their competitors. So many ended up temporary parking their content on others OTT platform like Hulu and observe how market changes.

OTT seems to be just the beginning for this change. The next trend I am seeing is the integration of film, TV with Games. A full interactive experience. The audience in the future is not going to be satisfied with just being a couch potato. Imagine that you can interact within a scene and be part of the story. This is going to be the future.

Our Prime Minister Lee was trying out the Oculus Toybox Demo in the US.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee was trying out the Oculus Toybox Demo in the US.

Signs of Growth:

Goldman Sachs: VR and AR “Will Be the Next Generation Computing Platform”Prestigious investment bank predicts an $80 billion market by 2025
(Click link to read article)

China Alibaba has invested $793.5M into Magic Leap. (Click link to read article)

Microsoft Hololens:

Mix Reality Gaming with Hololens : Game Code name Project X Ray

Hololens Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time

With all these growth, this is going to change the way audience consume content and also our business and monetizing model. Instead of money coming from the broadcasters, we will probably see more investment coming from Toy Companies, Computer Games Companies and Online Streaming Portal.

Moving forward if we want to excel and survive as an independent producer, we need to rethink of our strategy.  It’s not just about technology. But an integration of Arts and Technology (Could be 3d Stereoscopic/ Auto-stereoscopic + Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality etc) to meet our business goal.

As an independent producer, it is important to know where you can find the right partner who has their government or its broadcaster’s support to help finance the animated series production.

In the past, most producers go to the West. With the arising economical problem in the west, finding the financial support is no longer that easy.

Currently in the West, there are still financial support coming from Canada and some support from UK and Ireland. In Europe, it is mainly from France. As for the rest of the European countries, it is not going to be easy given the drop in Euros as well as the arising problems in their economy.

As for the East, Korea, Malaysia and China are the key countries with strong financial support. Korea support comes mainly from private investors, broadcasters as well as strategic investors like CJ E&M (CJ Entertainment and Media) and SK Broadband. What I have gathered so far is the money raised in Korea normally covers 50% of the production cost. Hence many Korean companies are still seeking co financing in China and Malaysia.

Besides money from the government and broadcasters,  there seems to be more investment interest coming from Computer Games and Toys manufacturing companies in both the East and the West.

3) 2D or 3D (CGI) dominates the animated TV series market?
In North America, it seems that most of the animated TV series are in the 2d format. For 3d (CGI) format, it is mainly the preschool series, direct to DVD or TV special (Telefeature). The Toys Companies and Computer Games Companies are the ones who has the budget to produce higher quality 3d (CGI) shows.

In Asia, countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Korea, Thailand produces many animated series in 3d (CGI). Korea produces the most 3d (CGI) preschool series.


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