Valuable Entrepreneur’s Tips from Jack Ma (Part 1)

Jack Ma’s talk at the General Association of ZheJiang Entrepreneurs. (Sorry. Only in Chinese)

I have selected some valuable points to be taken away.
1) When the News report that a bad year is coming up due to the bad economy. Don’t panic when you hear the bad news. This is because the Good News is everyone is affected. Not just you. ha ha.

2) If you want to be an entrepreneur, venture into something you have passion. It’s like your life. You are willing to sacrifice and fight for it. Don’t venture into something that others said it will make money. It will not last long. You need to believe in what you are doing. And assemble the people who believe in this dream. Only then the company will have opportunity to succeed.

3) Ability to see the problems that will kill your company is important. (Not ability to see ways to succeed) Prepare your company for crisis. Only those who are unable to see potential problem will survive. When you see a crisis, ability to remain calm, analyse and react to it accordingly is your key to survival.

4) Always try to work within constraints. Don’t increase your man power anyhow. Only when you have constraints, then you are forced to come up with good & innovative solutions to face any problems. Else people will always take the easy way out. But not necessary solve the problem.

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