Character Design plays a very important role in your business

Licensing Expo 2014 characters

I was reviewing some IP presented to me at a recent asian trade show and realise some of them have a common problem. The characters look like it is for preschool kids (below 6 years old) but the story is actually targeted at 6 to 12.

In the past, I have an experience with one of the company. The characters look like it is designed for preschool kids. But the story was written for older kids (6 to 12). Some channels are purely for preschool kids. When you present your series to these channels, they will turn it down as the story is too old for their channel.

On the other hand, when you present the series to channel for older kids, they might not look at it at all when they see the characters. At the trade show, there are tonnes of content presented to them.  Hence they might not have time to look through every single one of them in detail. (Especially if you are a new producer.) For this case, your series might just get stuck not going anywhere.  So do take note. Be very clear of your directions. Unless you are targeting purely for online audience. Which is a very different strategy altogether.


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