When two competitors fight, the bystander benefits.


Some business strategy I learnt in my journey that I shared in my class.

“鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利:  If a snipe and a clam are locked in fight, it is only to the advantage of the fisherman.”

When we are new and small, approaching and negotiating with a major client is always challenging. Very often you get squeezed and has little bargaining power. Even if you have a very good product in hand. It will still be very difficult to get it through. You will get step all over and they don’t take you seriously.

Research and understand who is the major competitor of this key player you are talking to. The competitor must be someone whom this key player has great concerns. Meaning if he has your product in hand, the competitor could become a major threat to the key player. (It should work the other way as well) Approach this competitor. Be very transparent and also let this competitor know that you are talking to this key player. (Do the same with the key player. Let him know that you are talking to his competitor.) Do it in a subtle way. Let the natural forces take place.

Let the snipe and clam fight. And you play the waiting game like the fisherman. I am not saying that it works always. But so far, it works for me for a number of cases.

Hope it helps.


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