A Whole New Opportunity for the Animation Industry

SONY Watchman

When I was a kid, I was told to go to bed by 9pm. When I heard the excitement going on TV in the living room, I can’t help but take a peep through my door to catch  a glimpse of my favour TV show. When my mum caught me doing that, she will kick my butt. ha ha.  At this moment, I secretly hope that someone will someday invent some kind of portable TV like those in the James Bond movie.  So that I can secretly watch TV in my bed.  Who could have imagined that day will come true with the arrival of today’s smart phone.

I was really excited when the first SONY Watchman arrived. (It is something I can never afford at that time)

With the evolution from Stereoscopic 3d to Auto-stereoscopic 3d to Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality. I can only say that the audience of the future will no longer consume content like we do. This will open up a whole new business opportunity for the animation industry.

A recent presentation I did by sharing some of the Changing Trends in the Industry. Hope you find it useful.


Do Not Focus Your Business Model on Technology Alone

This is one of the 3d device which we have created our content for initially. With VR goggles coming in so fast. (The VR goggles is almost like an integration of S3D with VR capability) it is obvious that the product will be wiped up in no time.


As our business model is based on creating content for all new devices and platforms. (One format for all usage). We are not that much affected when there is such a change.

This is the danger if one’s business model focus purely on technology but not content creation. Especially if the business model slides into manufacturing. Once someone else creates a better and cheaper device. All the goods that has been manufactured will get stuck in the factory.

This is true with the current VR goggles manufacturers. It is important that they get rid of the device quickly and do not over produce it. Once a new trend of VR goggles comes out (Those that can pair with the smart phones like normal glasses) the current ones will be wiped out.

Another case study. Alpha Animation – (A China Animation Company and Toy Manufacturer) invested in Deepoon. (http://en.deepoon.com/) A VR goggle manufacturer. And to support the headset, Deepoon has its VR content platform, 3D BoBo. 3D Bobo currently has over 150 titles to download and 10,000+ hours of immersive video content.

Action Movie Kid – Another case study on how one can creates an IP on the side


Remember one of the article I wrote about how one can create its own IP or Brand of their own during their free time.

Here is another case study of how Daniel Hashimoto, an artist who has worked for Dreamworks for 10 years has created a bunch of cool VFX videos of his son James Hashimoto during his free time. Daniel has used his skills to turn his son into a superhero with super cool powers and gadgets in a series of videos called “Action Movie Kid.” These videos have won the hearts of 100 million viewers.

These videos have slowing help to build their fans via all social media platforms. From here, an IP has slowly been established. This has now brought them a whole new opportunities ahead.

Read on below:

(Reference from Wiki) Action Movie Kid is an action web series created by Daniel Hashimoto. It contains his son, James, as the main character. Each clip is a short home movie of James playing, when something dramatic happens: explosions, death-defying feats, and other crazy stunts. All of the dangerous effects and stunts are added in post-production by Daniel Hashimoto, who is a Dreamworks Animation vis-dev artist and freelancer. He uses Adobe After Effects to make the short videos for YouTube.

Building your fans is the key for IP creations. In order to keep the fans interested, one must keep feeding the youtube audience regularly. This is never easy on top of your regular job. Creating VFX from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. It’s interesting to see how Daniel pull it off by creating these clips so quickly on his own by using some clever techniques as well as stock footage.

Besides the above, one can also use a variety of Visual Effects Apps to create these vfx quickly. End of the day, it’s the story that matters. So not to worry too much about the effects.

1) In June 2014,  the Escape Pod Ad Agency contacted Daniel Hashimoto to co-write and direct commercials for their client Toys”R”Us. In addition to writing and directing, Hashimoto also did much of the VFX work along with Eric Miller Animation Studios.

2) There will be a book adaption based on the web series in May 5, 2015. According to James in the book’s trailer, he will fight a gooey monster and claims to be a bedtime story.

3) James and his dad Daniel Hashimoto are now starring in their very own commercial for the 2015 Toyota Sienna   

4) Field Day is a new YouTube channel highlighting some great creators and taking their creativity to the next level. This time, they’ve teamed up with Action Movie Kid, a channel where an animator dad turns his son into an action star using special effects.

5) Fox 2000 and Temple Hill are taking the viral webseries Action Movie Kid to the big screen.

I am sure there are many more opportunities coming up.

You can view the Action Movie Kid Youtube Channel is here.  Hope you feel all inspired now. https://www.youtube.com/user/theActionMovieKid