A Whole New Opportunity for the Animation Industry

SONY Watchman

When I was a kid, I was told to go to bed by 9pm. When I heard the excitement going on TV in the living room, I can’t help but take a peep through my door to catch  a glimpse of my favour TV show. When my mum caught me doing that, she will kick my butt. ha ha.  At this moment, I secretly hope that someone will someday invent some kind of portable TV like those in the James Bond movie.  So that I can secretly watch TV in my bed.  Who could have imagined that day will come true with the arrival of today’s smart phone.

I was really excited when the first SONY Watchman arrived. (It is something I can never afford at that time)

With the evolution from Stereoscopic 3d to Auto-stereoscopic 3d to Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality. I can only say that the audience of the future will no longer consume content like we do. This will open up a whole new business opportunity for the animation industry.

A recent presentation I did by sharing some of the Changing Trends in the Industry. Hope you find it useful.


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