Getting Kickstarter Right With Crowd Funding Tips

Thanks James Phang (Tiny Island Productions – Business Development Manager) for the documentation. Kudos to UCreative and e2i for organizing it! As it is not easy to locate it on facebook group later. I have decided to archive the documentation here since quite a number of people asking it.

Fantastic Sharing Session by Ian Gregory Tan of Witching Hour Studios, which successfully crowdfunded Masquerada: Songs and Shadows to 133% of their Kickstarter target in only 14 days.

Some of the pointers to take note:

1) The most important part of your Kickstarter campaign is actually the pre-campaign. They spent close to a year on that before launching the kickstarter.

2) Get people ready to open their wallets right when the campaign starts. Aim to hit 40% of your goal within 3 days.

3) Get evangelists to promote your game for you. Aim to get major news sites cover your project. Build your fans in the right channels. (In their case, Reddit, NeoGAF and RPGWatch)

4) Look for similar projects to “cross-pollinate”: You talk about their projects, and they talk about yours in updates. Backers are more likely to fund something that falls within the same area of interest.

4) At the end of the campaign, convey your gratitude as personally and sincerely as possible, and keep the updates going. This builds continual goodwill.

5) Even if you fail, there is actually a silver lining: A comeback kid story can work well for your your next kickstarter.

6) Indiegogo is good for raising smaller amounts, and they are more active and aggressive in helping you make sure your campaign succeeds

Met Ian Gregory Tan of Witching Hour Studios today. A good tip he shared. Something I experience myself as well.

For Singaporeans, its better to register a UK company over US company for kickstarter. This is due to the 30% withholding tax.

When you do a service work for a US company, there is no withholding tax. But if you make money from royalty. (Like Kickstarter) you will be tax 30%. For Uk company. There is no 30% withholding tax. Believe we have some agreement with UK.

Something good to note.


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