Market Orientation for Chinese Animation Industry


This is a very interesting place in Beijing where there are many feature film, games and animation companies based here. I was told there are quite a number of places like this in Beijing.

The following cities have more companies in the Animation, VFX and Games.
Beijing, Shanghai, GuangZhou and ShenZhen.

In terms of investment, IP creations, feature films and computer games, Beijing seems to be leading. There are some in Shanghai too. Many head office is based in Beijing. Most of the film companies are also based in Beijing.

Shanghai seems to have more post houses that provide services for TV commercials.
Here are some interesting articles with regards to the TVC market

Guang Zhou and Sheng Zhen have more outsourcing services and Animated TV Series facilities.

Beijing and Shanghai cost of living is very high as compared to other cities. In fact, their rental cost is quite close to Singapore.

In general,  a starting salary in Beijing and Shanghai could be anything between 4000rmb to 5000rmb (S$800 to S$1000)

Other less developed cities has a starting pay of around 3000rmb. (S$600)

The market is changing tremendously. From servicing foreign companies, now more and more are looking at IP creations and globalisation. In fact, China companies are looking at outsourcing their work.



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