Having a good team is more important than having lots of money

Something comes to my mind while talking to an ex colleague. Having a good team is more important than having lots of money. With a good team, you will have a good plan to work towards your dream. With this, the money will come. Don’t worry if you do not have the money but worry that you do not have a good team.


You don’t see a FUTURE if you do not have a PLAN

I was encouraging a good friend from overseas who has lost his job recently. He felt lost and do not see a future.

I shared these with him. Which I hope it helps you too if you face challenges in your journey.

” You do not see a FUTURE because you do not have a PLAN. If you do not have a PLAN, you will STAY STATIONARY FOREVER and you will never have ANY FUTURE to move on to.

Some people asked me how can I be so sure that I will be successful one day. My answer is I CANNOT GUARANTEE that I will be successful one day. But I CAN GUARANTEE that I will NEVER have a chance to succeed at all if I don’t start planning NOW and keep trying again and again.”

Experience is one’s greatest asset

” Experience is one’s greatest asset.
And it is what one should be hungry for.
So sometimes you might fail. But sometimes you might succeed.
But one should be willing to try.

If one succeed. It is an experience. If one fails. It is also an experience.
Entrepreneurship is all about experience.

In our life, one shouldn’t regret for what you have done. But rather regret what you have not done when you are old.

From the day you become an entrepreneur, you must realise the road ahead is rough. And the experience through this rough journey will be your greatest asset in your life.”

Ma Yun – Chairman and CEO, Alibaba Group